The Munich-based Henschel Quartet was founded in 1994. Its members are violinists, Christoph Henschel and Catalin Desaga, Monika Henschel, viola and Matthias Beyer-Karlshoj, ‘cello. Their first performance in Croatia, at 66th Dubrovnik Festival on July 26, 2015 resulted in the Croatian Radio and Television’s Orlando Prize for 2015, with the really impressive Music Jury Citation. Of its performances, SEEN & HEARD INTERNATIONAL has written: “If you ever get the opportunity to hear the Henschel Quartet in recital take it. String quartet playing rarely gets any better than this.”, while MUSICWEB-INTERNATIONAL.COM has said: ” …played with supreme confidence by players who savour every note.”… and THE NEW YORK TIMES described its performance in 2010 as ” …a thing of beauty… Warm hues and played with irresistible energy and high spirits.” Of its world-premiere recording of the Bruch STRING QUINTET IN E FLAT MAJOR with violist, Kazuki Sawa, awarded INTERNATIONAL MUSICWEB CD OF THE YEAR in 2009, the publication wrote: “…another remarkable achievement that should be snapped up immediately and …the Henschel Quartet…a towering performance, full of energy, mystery and beauty.” Of performances at CARNEGIE HALL during 2013, John Corigliano reviewing the concert wrote: “The magnificent Henschel Quartet plays as if they were one person. They are passionate, accurate and musically sophisticated. I was astounded at the quality of their performances.”

The Henschel Quartet is being awarded the Orlando prize for music 2015 for one of the highest  artistic  reaches in the overall musical history of the Dubrovnik Festival”

Jury announcement

The year 1994 marked the foundation of the Henschel Quartett’s international career, when cellist Mathias Beyer-Karlshøj joined the founding members Christoph, Markus, and Monika Henschel, and the quartet devoted itself exclusively to chamber music.  In 1995 the quartet won multiple prizes at the international competitions of Evian, Banff, and Salzburg, and the following year won 1st prize and the gold medal at the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition.  Successful debuts in the world’s musical capitals, including an acclaimed BBC live broadcast standing in for the Juilliard Quartet, led their way to the forefront of international chamber music.  “This is, no question, one of the best groups in the world, a great string quartet.” (Los Angeles Times).

In February 2016 the quartet welcomed the celebrated violinist Catalin Desaga as a new member.

The quartet’s musical journey has included many remarkable highlights.  The Henschel Quartett played at the official re-opening of the Anna-Amalia Library in Weimar (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and travelled to Brussels as a Cultural Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany.  In March 2010 the quartet was privileged to perform at the Vatican in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI.  The quartet has regularly been invited to the Royal Palace of Madrid to perform on the four Stradivari of the royal collection.  In June 2012 the Henschel Quartett was invited, as the first European quartet in twenty years, to perform Beethoven’s complete string quartets in the prestigious Suntory Hall in Tokyo.  In the same year Monika Henschel became the president of the newly-formed Association of German String Quartets, and in 2013 Christoph Henschel was appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Augsburg. 

Highlights of last season and the current one include appearances in London, Amsterdam, Munich, Yokohama and Tokyo (Geidai University).

The Henschel Quartett’s recordings have been awarded many prizes, including the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik and several CD of the Year Awards (IMW).  Their CDs have been recommended in such prominent titles as Gramophone Magazine, the Sunday Times, and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Forthcoming is a CD of works by Christopher Theofanidis.

The Henschel Quartett regularly accepts invitations to teach at world-class institutions, from Yale University in the USA to the Royal Northern College of Music in England and the University of Melbourne in Australia.  The quartet is also engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the Bavarian Ministry of Culture in relation to youth music projects in the quartet’s home city of Munich. 

Since 2006 the Henschel Quartett has been contributing as an Ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages. 

The link to the film portrait  about the HENSCHEL QUARTET made in occasion of their 15-th anniversary: 




Our Reviewers’ Choices for Best Musical Events of 2013
The Henschel Quartet at the RNCM Chamber Music Festival, Manchester in January gave a remarkable performance of Beethoven’s String Quartets Op. 59/1 ‘Razumovsky’ and Op. 132. I can’t imagine chamber music playing better than this from this world class Munich based quartet. http://seenandheard-international.com/2013/01/complete-beethoven-trios-and-quartets-off-to-a-great-start/
Michael Cookson, Seen and Heard International January 7 2014

Janacek . Schulhoff . Sibelius
The Henschel Quartet have always known their own minds and so it is hardly that they should have put together this exciting programme of, while not full-blown outcasts, composers who hang moodily around on the fringe of chamber music. The First String Quartet of Ervin Schulhoff is one of the group’s signature pieces; and whereas his music may be largely unperformed and recorded these days – despite his having been one of the brightest stars in Germany’s pre-war firmament – this piece (written in 1924, just as he headed into his most prolific period) is the least unknown of his works.Despite being tricky to listen to – it is an odd mixture of theremin-ghostly effects that wouldn’t be incongruous in the Ghostbusters soundtrack, and block playing that sounds like some sort of grotesque hoedown –the Henschel pull out its challenging phrases to just the right side of indulgent, disclosing what feels like a keen sense of altruism for the listener and an honest desire to expose the beauty of the music. That the Janáček isn’t abandoned enough for my taste, although its reverential (not a word often associated with the Henschel) care and attention to the micro-aspects of the phrasing certainly create a boundary that allows the composer’s unique creativity, is a slightly disappointingly surprising revelation on this disc. But the open heart that drives the Schulhoff, and even the Sibelius (which functions here more as an insight into the symphonies than a particularly interesting free-standing piece of chamber music), is more than enough to recommend it.
Gramophone January 2014 Caroline Gill

Interview – The Henschel Quartet´s short list of advice to young performers
1. During rehearsals step out from the group and listen to your colleagues from the audience´s position. It´s ideal for developing a critical ear
2. In fast movements, long notes should be filled with life. In slow movements, short notes should never be rushed.
3. You should always play as if your life depends on it.  If the performer is not 100 per cent focused on the dramatic flow of the music they´re playing, how can they hope to communicate it to the audience?
4. Musicians today need so many skills other than playing their instrument well – managing festivals, building relationships with fans, releasing their own recordings. But if you happen to have a vision, make it happen – don´t wait for someone else to do it for you.
The Strad October 2013 issue

The elite group of string quartets today
… maintain their position together with the Henschel Quartet at the head of the elite group of string quartets on the world stage today.

17.03.2013 Seen and Heard International



Johann Sebastian Bach ( 1685 – 1750 )

Choralvorspiel “O Mensch, bewein’ Dein Sünde groß”BWV 622

Choralvorspiel “Kyrie. Gott Vater in Ewigkeit”aus der Klavierübung, 3.Teil BWV 669

“Die Kunst der Fuge”BWV 1080 Kontrapunkte Nr.1,3,5,6,13 rectus

Orgeltriosonate Nr.2 c-Moll BWV 526 in der Bearbeitung für Streichtrio Vivace, Largo, Allegro


Joseph Haydn ( 1732 – 1809 )

Streichquartett Es-Dur op.33/2 Allegro moderato, Scherzo-Allegro, Largo e sostenuto, Finale-Presto

Streichquartett C-Dur op.33/3″Vogel” Allegro moderato,Scherzo-Allegretto,Adagio ma non troppo,Finale-Rondo-Presto

Die Sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze”op.51 Introduzione-Maestoso ed Adagio,  Sonata I.Largo, 

Sonata II.Grave e Cantabile,  Sonata III.Grave,  Sonata IV.Largo,  Sonata V.Adagio,  Sonata VI.Lento,  Sonata VII.Largo, 

Il terremoto.Presto e con tutta la forza

Streichquartett h-Moll op.64/2 Allegro spiritoso,Adagio ma non troppo,Menuet-Allegretto,Finale-Presto

Streichquartett D-Dur op.64/5 “Lerchenquartett” Allegro moderato,Adagio cantabile,Menuet-Allegretto,Finale-Vivace

Streichquartett F-Dur op.74/2 Allegro spiritoso,Andante grazioso,Menuet,Finale-Presto

Streichquartett g-Moll op.74/3 “Reiter”Allegro non troppo,Largo assai,Menuet-Allegretto,Finale-Allegro con brio

Streichquartett G-Dur op.76/1 Allegro con spirito,  Adagio sostenuto,  Menuet-Presto-Trio,  Finale-Allegro ma non troppo

Streichquartett F-Dur op.77/2 Allegro moderato,Menuet-Presto,Andante,Finale-Vivace assai 

Streichquartett d-Moll op.103 Andante grazioso,Menuet ma non troppo presto 


Luigi Boccherini ( 1743 – 1805 )

Streichquartett g-Moll op.33/5 Allegro commodo,Andantino,Minuetto con moto,Allegro giusto 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( 1756 – 1791 )

Streichquartett B-Dur KV 159 Andante,Allegro,Rondo-Allegro grazioso

Streichquartett G-Dur KV 387 Allegro vivace assai,Menuetto-Allegro,Andante cantabile,Molto Allegro

Streichquartett d-Moll KV 421 Allegro moderato,Andante,Menuetto-Allegretto,Allegretto ma non troppo

Streichquartett Es-Dur KV 428 Allegro ma non troppo,Andante con moto,Menuetto-Allegretto,Allegro vivace

Streichquartett B-Dur KV 458 “Jagdquartett” Allegro vivace assai,Menuetto-Moderato,Adagio,Allegro assai

Streichquartett A-Dur KV 464 Allegro,Menuetto,Andante,Allegro non troppo

Streichquartett C-Dur KV 465 “Dissonanzen”Adagio,Allegro,  Andante cantabile,  Menuetto-Allegro,  Allegro molto

Streichquartett D-Dur KV 499 Allegretto,Menuetto-Allegretto,Adagio,Molto Allegro

Streichquartett D-Dur KV 575 Allegretto,Andante,Menuetto-Allegretto,Allegretto

Streichquartett B-Dur KV 589 Allegro,Larghetto,Menuetto-Moderato,Allegro assai

Streichquartett F-Dur KV 590 Allegro moderato,Allegretto,Menuetto-Allegretto,Allegro

“Adagio und Fuge” c-Moll KV 546

Fuge in c-Moll KV 405/1 aus dem Wohltemperierten Klavier von J.S.Bach Band II, 2

Fuge in Es-Dur KV 405/2 aus dem Wohltemperierten Klavier von J.S.Bach Band II, 7

Fuge in D-Dur KV 405/5 aus dem Wohltemperierten Klavier von J.S.Bach Band II, 5

Divertimento D-Dur KV 136 Allegro,Andante,Presto

Divertimento F-Dur KV 138 Allegro,Andante,Presto

Duo für Violine und Viola B-Dur KV 424 Adagio,Allegro,  Andante cantabile, 

Thema con variazioni:Andante cantabile

Streichquintett c-Moll KV 406 Allegro,Andante,Menuetto in canone,Allegro

Streichquintett g-Moll KV 516 Allegro,  Menuetto-Allegretto,  Adagio ma non troppo,  Adagio,Allegro

Hornquintett Es-Dur KV 407 Allegro,Andante,Rondo-Allegro

Klarinettenquintett A-Dur KV 581 Allegro,Larghetto,Menuetto,Allegretto con Variazioni

Flötenquartett D-Dur KV 285 Allegro,Adagio,Rondeau 


 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( 1756 – 1791 )

Oboenquartett F-Dur KV 370 (368b) Allegro,Adagio,Rondeau-Allegro

Klavierquartett g-Moll KV 478 Allegro,Andante,Rondo-Allegro moderato

Klavierquartett Es-Dur KV 493 Allegro,Larghetto,Allegretto


Andreas Romberg ( 1767 – 1821 )

Flötenquintett e-Moll op.41/1 Allegro,Menuetto-Allegretto moderato,Larghetto,Finale-Allegretto vivace


Ludwig van Beethoven ( 1770 – 1827 )

Streichquartett F-Dur op.18/1 Allegro con brio,Adagio affetuoso ed appassionato,Scherzo-Allegro molto,Allegro

Streichquartett G-Dur op.18/2 Allegro,  Adagio cantabile,  Scherzo-Allegro,  Allegro molto quasi presto

Streichquartett D-Dur op.18/3 Allegro, Andante con moto, Allegro, Presto

Streichquartett c-Moll op.18/4 Allegro ma non tanto,Andante scherzoso quasi Allegretto,Menuetto-Allegro,Allegretto

Streichquartett A-Dur op.18/5 Allegro, Menuetto, Andante cantabile, Allegro

Streichquartett B-Dur op.18/6 Allegro con brio, Adagio ma non troppo, Scherzo-Allegro,

La Malinconia-Adagio,Allegretto quasi Allegro

Streichquartett F-Dur op.59/1  Allegro,Allegretto vivace e sempre scherzando,Adagio molto e mesto,Thème russe-Allegro

Streichquartett e-Moll op59/2  Allegro,MoltoAdagio-Si tratta questo pezzo con molto di sentimento,                       


Streichquartett C-Dur op.59/3 Introduzione Andante con moto,Allegro vivace,  Andante con moto quasi Allegretto,

Menuetto grazioso,  Allegro molto

Streichquartett Es-Dur op.74″Harfe”Poco Adagio,Allegro,  Adagio ma non troppo,  Presto,  Allegretto con Variazioni

Streichquartett f-Moll op.95 Allegro con brio,  Allegretto ma non troppo,  Allegro assai vivace ma serioso,

Larghetto espressivo,Allegretto agitato

Streichquartett Es-Dur op.127 Maestoso,Allegro teneramente,  Adagio ma non troppo e molto cantabile, 

Scherzo-Vivace,    Finale-Allegro

Streichquartett B-Dur op.130 Adagio ma non troppo,Allegro,  Presto,  Andante con moto,ma non troppo, 

Alla danza tedesca-Allegro assai,  Cavatina-Adagio molto espressivo.  Finale-Allegro

Streichquartett cis-Moll op.131 I Adagio ma non troppo e molto espressivo,  II Allegro molto vivace, 

III Allegro moderato,Adagio,Più vivace,  IV Andante ma non troppo e molto cantabile,

V Presto,  VI Adagio quasi un poco andante,  VII Allegro

Streichquartett a-Moll op.132 Assai sostenuto,Allegro,  Allegro ma non tanto,  Molto adagio, 

Alla marcia-assai vivace,Più allegro,Presto attacca  Allegro appassionato                                    

Streichquartett “Große Fuge”B-Dur op.133 Overtura.Allegro-Fuga:Meno mosso e moderato,

Allegro molto e con brio,Meno mosso e moderato,Allegro molto e con brio,Allegro

Streichquartett F-Dur op.135 Allegretto,  Vivace,  Lento assai,cantante e tranquillo,   Grave ma non troppo tratto-Allegro

Streichtrio G-Dur op.9 Nr.1 Adagio/Allegro con brio,  Adagio,ma non tanto et cantabile,  Scherzo:Allegro,  Presto

Streichquintett C-Dur op.29 Allegro moderato, Adagio molto espressivo, Scherzo-Allegro, Presto

Klavierquartett Es-Dur op.16 Grave,Allegro ma non troppo,Andante cantabile,Rondo-Allegro ma non troppo

Sextett Es-Dur op.81b f. Quartett + 2 Hörner   Allegro con brio,Adagio,Rondo-Allegro


Anton Reicha ( 1770 – 1836 )

Quintett A-Dur op.105 für Flöte und Streichquartett   Allegro,   Andante con moto,   Menuetto-Allegro un poco,

Lento-Allegro vivace        

Quintett B-Dur für Fagott und Streichquartett Allegro moderato,   Lento Arioso,   Menuet: Allegro assai,   Finale:Presto


Heinrich Joseph Bärmann ( 1784 – 1847 )

Klarinettenquintett Nr.1 op.19 Allegro moderato,Romanze-Andante,Menuetto,Rondo-Allegro

Klarinettenquintett Nr.2 op.22 Allegro non troppo,Adagio non troppo,Menuetto,Rondo-Allegro molto

Klarinettenquintett Nr.3 op.23 Allegro non troppo,Adagio,Allegro


Louis Spohr ( 1784 – 1859 )

Fantasie und Variationen f.Klarinette u.Streichquartett op.81 Allegro molto

Klavierquintett op.130 Allegro moderato,Scherzo-Moderato,Adagio,Finale-Vivace

Franz Schubert ( 1797 – 1828 )

Streichquartett Es-Dur D87 / op.post.125/1 Allegro moderato,Scherzo-Prestissimo,Adagio,Allegro

Fünf Menuette für Streichquartett D89

Streichquartett B-Dur D112 / op.post.168 Allegro ma non troppo,Andante sostenuto,Minuetto-Allegro,Presto

Streichquartett c-Moll D703 “Quartettsatz” Allegro assai

Streichquartett a-Moll D804 / op.29/1 “Rosamunde-Quartett” Allegro ma non troppo,Andante,

Menuetto-Allegretto,Allegro moderato

Streichquartett d-Moll D810 / op.post. Allegro,Andante con moto,Scherzo-Allegro molto,Presto

Streichquartett G-Dur D887 / op.post.161 Allegro molto moderato,Andante un poco mosso,Scherzo-Allegro vivace,

Allegro assai

Klavierquintett A-Dur D667 / op.post.114 “Forellenquintett” Allegro vivace,Andante,Scherzo-Presto,

Andantino con Variazioni,Allegro giusto

Streichquintett C-Dur D956 / op.post.163 Allegro ma non troppo,Adagio,Scherzo-Presto,Allegretto

Winterreise op.89 für Hohe Stimme – in einer Bearbeitung für Streichquartett und Tenor


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy ( 1809 – 1847 )

Streichquartett Es-Dur o.Op. Allegro moderato,  Adagio non troppo,  Minuetto-Trio-Minuetto,  Fuga

Streichquartett Es-Dur op.12 Adagio non troppo,Allegro non tardante,  Canzonetta-Allegretto,  Andante espressivo, 

Molto Allegro e Vivace

Streichquartett a-Moll op.13 Adagio,Allegro vivace,  Adagio non lento,  Intermezzo-Allegretto con moto-Allegro di molto,

Presto,Adagio come primo

Streichquartett D-Dur op.44/1 Molto Allegro vivace,Menuetto-Un poco Allegretto,Andante espressivo ma con moto,

Presto con brio

Streichquartett e-Moll op.44/2 Allegro assai appassionato,Scherzo-Allegro di molto,Andante,Presto agitato

Streichquartett Es-Dur op.44/3 Allegro vivace, Scherzo-Assai leggiero e vivace, Adagio non troppo, Molto Allegro con fuoco

Streichquartett f-Moll op.80 Allegro vivace assai, Allegro assai, Adagio, Finale-Allegro molto (25 Minuten)

Streichquartett B-Dur op.81 Tema con Variazioni-Un poco più animato,Presto,Andante come I,  Scherzo-Allegro leggiero, 

Fuga-a tempo ordinario,  Capriccio-Andante con moto,Allegro fugato,assai vivace

Streichquintett A-Dur op.op.18 Allegro con moto,Intermezzo-Andante sostenuto,Scherzo-Allegro di molto,Allegro vivace

Streichquintett B-Dur op.87 Allegro vivace,Andante scherzando,Adagio e lento,Allegro molto vivace

Streichoktett Es-Dur op.20  Allegro moderato ma con fuoco,Andante,Scherzo-Allegro leggierissimo,Presto

Frédéric Chopin ( 1810 – 1849 )

Klavierkonzert Nr.1 in einer Bearbeitung für Klavierquintett Allegro maestoso,  Romanze:Laghetto,  Rondo:Vivace


Robert Schumann ( 1810 – 1856 )

Streichquartett a-Moll op.41/1 Andante espressivo,Allegro,   Scherzo-Presto,   Adagio,   Presto

Streichquartett A-Dur op.41/3 Andante espressivo-Allegro molto moderato,Assai agitato-Un poco Adagio-Tempo risoluto,

Adagio molto,Allegro molto vivace

Klavierquintett Es-Dur op.44 Allegro brillante,In modo d’una Marcia-Un poco largamente,Scherzo-Molto vivace,                                                                                    

Allegro ma non troppo


Giuseppe Verdi ( 1813 – 1901 )

Streichquartett e-Moll Allegro, Andantino, Prestissimo, Scherzo, Fuga


Niels Wilhelm Gade ( 1817 – 1890 )

Streichoktett F-Dur op.17 Allegro molto e con fuoco,Andantino quasi Allegretto,Scherzo-Allegro moderato e tranquillo,

Finale-Allegro vivace

César Franck ( 1822 – 1890 )

Klavierquintett in f-Moll  Molto moderato quasi lento,Allegro,   Lento,con molto sentimento,  

 Allegro non troppo,ma con fuoco


Bedrich Smetana ( 1824 – 1884 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 e-Moll  Allegro vivo appassionato,Allegro moderato a la Polka,Largo sostenuto,Vivace


Anton Bruckner ( 1824 – 1896 )

Streichquintett F-Dur  Gemäßigt,  Scherzo-Schnell,  Adagio,  Finale-Lebhaft bewegt


Woldemar Bargiel ( 1828 – 1897 )

Streichoktett in c-Moll op.15a Adagio-Allegro appassionato,   Andante sostenuto-Allegro,   Allegro


Johannes Brahms ( 1833 – 1897 )

Streichquartett c-Moll op.51/1 Allegro,Romanze-Poco Adagio,Allegretto molto moderato e comodo,Allegro

Streichquartett a-Moll op.51/2 Allegro non troppo,Andante moderato,Quasi Minuetto-Moderato,Finale-Allegro non assai

Streichquartett B-Dur op.67 Vivace,Andante,Agitato-Allegretto non troppo,Poco Allegretto con Variazioni

Streichquintett Nr.2 G-Dur op.111 Allegro non troppo,ma con brio,  Adagio,  Un poco Allegretto, 

Vivace,ma non troppo presto

Streichsextett Nr.1 B-Dur op.18 Allegro,ma non troppo,  Andante,ma moderato,  Scherzo-Allegro molto, 

Rondo-Poco Allegretto e grazioso

Streichsextett Nr.2 G-Dur op.36 Allegro non troppo,  Scherzo-Allegro non troppo-Presto giocoso-Tempo I,  Poco Adagio, 

Poco Allegro

Klavierquintett f-Moll op.34a Allegro non troppo,   Andante,un poco Adagio,  Scherzo-Allegro, 

Finale-Poco sostenuto,Allegro non troppo

Klarinettenquintett h-Moll op.115 Allegro,Adagio,Andantino,Con moto


Max Bruch ( 1838 – 1920 )

Streichquintett in Es-Dur (1918) Andante con moto,Allegro,Andante con moto,Andante con moto-Allegro ma non troppo vivace

(uraufgeführt am 23.Juli 2008 vom Henschel Quartett)


Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky ( 1840 – 1893 )

Streichquartett D-Dur op.11 Moderato e semplice,Andante cantabile,Scherzo-Allegro non tanto,Finale-Allegro giusto

Streichquartett es-Moll op.30 Andante sostenuto,Allegro moderato,Andante sostenuto,   Allegretto vivo e scherzando

Andante funebre e doloroso,ma con moto,   Allegro non troppo e risoluto

Streichsextett d-Moll op.70 “Souvenir de Florence” Allegro con spirito,Adagio cantabile e con moto,

Allegretto moderato,Allegro vivace


Johan Severin Svendsen ( 1840 – 1911 )

Streichoktett A-Dur op.3 Allegro risoluto ben marcato,  Molto Allegro scherzoso,  Andante sostenuto,

Finale-Moderato,Allegro assai con fuoco


Antonín Dvorák ( 1841 – 1904 )

Streichquartett F-Dur op.96 “Amerikanisches”Allegro ma non troppo,Lento,Molto vivace,Vivace ma non troppo

Streichquartett As-Dur op.105 Adagio ma non troppo-Allegro appassionato,Molto vivace,Lento e molto cantabile,

Allegro non tanto

Streichsextett A-Dur op.48 Allegro moderato,   Dumka:Poco Allegretto,   Furiant:Presto,  

Finale:Tema con Variazioni

Klavierquintett A-Dur op.81 Allegro ma non tanto,Dumka-Andante con moto,Scherzo-Molto vivace,Finale-Allegro


Sir George Isidor Henschel ( 1850 – 1934 )

Streichquartett op.55  Andante molto sostenuto,Allegro appassionato,    Andante con moto,Allegro,Andante come prima, 

Scherzo-Alegro molto,    Andante con moto,quasi allegretto,grazioso


Leos Janácek ( 1854 – 1928 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 “Die Kreutzersonate”Adagio-con moto,Con moto,Con moto-Vivo-Andante,Con moto-Adagio (17 Minuten)


Ernest Chausson ( 1855 – 1899 )

“Chanson perpétuelle”op.37 für Sopran und Klavierquintett


Edward Elgar ( 1857 – 1934 )

Introduktion und Allegro für Streichquartett und Streichorchester op.47 


Hugo Wolf ( 1860 – 1903 )

Italienische Serenade G-Dur Sehr lebhaft


Gustav Mahler ( 1860 – 1911 )

Klavierquartettsatz a-Moll (1876 – 1877)


Claude Debussy ( 1862 – 1918 )

Streichquartett g-Moll op.10 Animé et très décidé,  Assez vif et bien rythmé,  Andantino,doucement expressif,

Très modéré,Très mouvementé et avec passion


Richard Strauss ( 1864 – 1949 )

Streichquartett A-Dur op.2 Allegro, Scherzo, Andante cantabile, Finale-Allegro vivace

“Metamorphosen” in der Fassung für Streichseptett


Jean Sibelius ( 1865 – 1957 )

Streichquartett d-Moll op.56 „Voces Intimae“ Andante,Allegro molto moderato,   Vivace,  Adagio di molto, 

Allegretto (ma pesante),  Allegro


Carl Nielsen ( 1865 – 1931 )                               

Streichquartett Es-Dur Nr.3 op.14 Allegro con brio,Andante sostenuto,Allegretto pastorale,Finale-Allegro coraggioso.                        


Carl Frühling ( 1868 – 1937 )

Klavierquintett in fis-Moll op.30 Allegro molto agitato ed appassionato,  Andante cantabile,  Scherzo-Allegretto grazioso, 


Hans Pfitzner ( 1869 – 1949 )

Streichquartett d-Moll o.op.(1886) Allegro molto moderato, Allegro ma non troppo, Andante molto sostenuto, Allegro

Klavierquintett C-Dur op.23 Allegro ma non troppo,   Intermezzo-mit ruhiger Grazie,  Adagio,  Finale-Gemächlich bewegt


Max Reger ( 1873 – 1916 )

Klarinettenquintett A-Dur op.146  Moderato ed amabile,  Vivace,  Largo,  Poco allegretto


Arnold Schönberg ( 1874 – 1951 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 d-Moll op.7 Nicht zu rasch,  Viel langsamer,  Kräftig (nicht zu rasch),  Mäßig;langsame Viertel

Streichsextett „Verklärte Nacht“ op.4


Maurice Ravel ( 1875 – 1937 )

Streichquartett F-Dur Allegro moderato-Très doux, Assez vif-Très rythmé, Très lent, Vif et agité


Reinhold Glière ( 1875 – 1956 )

Streichoktett D-Dur op.5 Allegro moderato, Allegro, Andante, Allegro assai


Ottorino Respighi ( 1879 – 1936 )

“Il Tramonto” für Streichquartett und Mezzosopran


Béla Bartók ( 1881 – 1945 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 Lento – attacca : Poco a poco accelerando all’ Allegretto – Introduzione,Allegro – attacca :

Allegro vivace

Streichquartett Nr.4 Allegro,  Prestissimo,con sordino,  Non troppo lento,  Allegretto pizzicato,  Allegro molto

Streichquartett Nr.5 Allegro,  Adagio molto,  Scherzo-Alla bulgarese,  Andante,  Finale-Allegro vivace,Presto

Streichquartett Nr.6 Mesto-Più mosso,pesante-Vivace,   Mesto-Marcia,   Mesto-Burletta,   Mesto


Karol Szymanowski ( 1882 – 1937 )

Streichquartett Nr.2 op.56 Moderato dolce e tranquillo,  Vivace,scherzando,  Lento


Igor Stravinsky ( 1882 – 1971 )

Drei Stücke für Streichquartett ( 1914 )


Anton Webern ( 1883 – 1945 )

Langsamer Satz für Streichquartett ( 1905 )

Fünf Sätze für Streichquartett op.5 Heftig bewegt,Sehr langsam,Sehr bewegt,Sehr langsam,In zarter Bewegung

Sechs Bagatellen für Streichquartett op.9 Mäßig, Leicht bewegt, Ziemlich fließend, Sehr langsam Äußerst langsam, Fließend


Alban Berg ( 1885 – 1935 )    

Streichquartett op.3


Othmar Schoeck ( 1886 – 1957 )

Notturno op.47 Fünf Sätze für eine Singstimme und Streichquartett


Heitor Villa-Lobos ( 1887 – 1959 )

Streichquartett Nr.6 Poco animato,  Allegretto,  Andante,quasi adagio-Lento,  Allegro vivace


Adolf Busch ( 1891 – 1952 )

Saxophonquintett Vivace, ma non troppo,  Scherzo-Allegro vivo,  Andante sostenuto


Darius Milhaud ( 1892 – 1974 )

“Jakobs Träume” für Streichtrio, Kontrabass und Oboe Animé,  Mystérieux,  Modéré,  Moderement animé,

Hymn-Moderement animé,salennel

Erwin Schulhoff  ( 1894 – 1942 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 (1924) Presto con fuoco,  Allegretto con moto e con malinconia grotesca,  Allegro giocoso alla Slovacca, 

Andante molto sostenuto  

“5 Stücke für Streichquartett” (1923) Alla Valse Viennese, Alla Serenata, Alla Czeca, Alla Tango milonga, Alla Tarantella           


Paul Hindemith ( 1895 – 1963 )

Streichquartett Nr.6 Es-Dur Sehr ruhig und ausdrucksvoll, Lebhaft und sehr energisch, Ruhig-Variationen, Breit und energisch

Minimax für Streichquartett


Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco ( 1895 – 1968 )

Quintett op.143 für Streichquartett und Gitarre Allegro vivo e schietto, Andante maestoso,

Scherzo:Allegro con spirito, alla marcia,  Finale: Allegro con fuoco


Carl Orff ( 1895 – 1982 )

Satz für Streichquartett von 1914

Satz für Streichquartett in c-Moll von 1921 (uraufgeführt vom Henschel Quartett)

(first performed by the Henschel Quartet)


Karl Amadeus Hartmann ( 1905 – 1963 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 “Carillon”

Kammerkonzert für Klarinette, Streichquartett und Streicher Introduktion,Tanz-Variation,Fantasie


Dimitrij Schostakowitsch ( 1906 – 1975 )

Streichquartett Nr.3 F-Dur op.73 Allegretto,  Moderato con moto,  Allegro non troppo,  Adagio,  Moderato

Streichquartett Nr.7 fis-Moll op.108 Allegretto, Lento, Allegro

Streichquartett Nr.8 c-Moll op.110 Largo,Allegro molto,Allegretto,Largo,Largo

Streichquartett Nr.15 es-Moll op.144 Elegy-Adagio,   Serenade-Adagio,   Intermezzo-Adagio,   Nocturne-Adagio,  

Funeral March-Adagio molto,   Epilogue-Adagio

Prelude und Scherzo für Streichoktett op.11 Prelude-Adagio,Scherzo-Allegro molto

Klavierquintett g-Moll op.57 Prelude-Lento,Poco più mosso,  Fugue-Adagio,  Scherzo-Allegretto,  Intermezzo-Lento,



Günter Bialas ( 1907 – 1995 )

Kunst des Kanons ( 1994 ) – uraufgeführt vom Henschel Quartett (first performed by the Henschel Quartet)


Grazyna Bacewicz ( 1909 – 1969 )

Violinquartett  Allegretto,  Andante tranquillo,  Molto Allegro


Vagn Holmboe ( 1909 – 1996 )

Streichquartett Nr.5 op.66 Pesante-Fluente-Tempo I,   Adagio,   Energico


Harald Genzmer (*1909 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 ( 1949 ) Adagio,Thema mit Variationen-Tranquillo,Scherzo-Presto,Rondo-Allegro giocoso


Samuel Barber ( 1910 – 1981 )

Streichquartett h-moll op.11 Molto Adagio e appassionato,  Molto Adagio,  Molto allegro (come prima)


Eduard Pütz (*1911 )

“Cries in the Dark” – Blues für Alt-Saxophon und Sreichquartett


Jean Francaix ( 1912 – 1997 )

Streichquartett  Allegretto vivace,  Andante,  Scherzo-Presto,  Allegretto moderato – Sub. Lento e molto sostenuto


Werner Linde ( 1913 – 1943 )

Streichquartett Nr.2 C-Dur  Sehr langsam,   Variationen über ein Volkslied (So leb denn wohl),Langsam,etwas zögernd,

Nicht zu schnell,fließend,  Gemessen (langsames Marschtempo),  Sehr langsam und ruhig, 

Nicht zu schnell


Benjamin Britten ( 1913 – 1976 )

Streichquartett Nr.3 op.94 Duets-With moderate movement,  Ostinato-Very fast,  Solo-Very calm, 

Burlesque-Fast con fuoco,  Recitative and Passacaglia (La Serenissima)

“Phantasy-Quartett” für Oboe und Streichtrio in einem Satz, Andante alla Marcia,Allegro giusto,Andante,

Molto pu presto,Tempo Imo-Andante alla Marcia


Alberto Ginastera ( 1916 – 1983 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 op.20 Allegro violento ed agitato, Vivacissimo, Calmo e poetico, Allegramente rustico

Streichquartett Nr.2 op.26 Allegro rustico,Adagio angoscioso,Presto magico,Tema Libero e rapsodico,Furioso


Bertold Hummel (*1925 )

Streichquartett Nr.2 ( 1972 ) Mosaici,  Lamentationes,


André Boucourechliev ( *1925 )

Streichquartett Nr.3 ( 1994 )


Isang Yun ( 1927 – 1995 )

Klarinettenquintett Nr.2



Russell Smith ( 1927 – 1998 )

Streichquartett ( 1990 ) Allegro non troppo,Vivace scherzando,Adagio espressivo,

dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartet)


Wilhelm Killmayer (*1927 )

Streichquartett (1969)


Per Norgard (*1932 )

Streichquartett Nr.1 “Quartetto Breve”(1952)Lento, poco Rubato – Allegro Resoluto


Akira Miyoshi (*1933 )

Streichquartett Nr.3


Jiro Censhu (*1934 )

Quintet for Koto and String Quartet “Landscapes with a bridge” (1997) Misterioso,   Andante,   Molto vivo


Arvo Pärt (*1935 )

” Summa ” ( 1977 / 1991 )


Gloria Coates ( *1938 )

Streichquartett Nr.8 ( 2002 )


Wilfried Hiller (*1941 )

Streichoktett „Nacht des roten Mondes“  Schmerzensmutter,  Maria Magdalena unter dem Kreuz,  Teuflische Intrige, 

Blutstropfen,die die Sonne verdunkeln,  Leidenschaftliche Umarmung

Dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartett)


Somei Satoh (*1947 )

Toward the Night“ für Streichquartett


Manfred Trojahn ( *1949 )

Streichquartett Nr.3 ( 1983 ) Molto Adagio,  sehr zart-äußerst langsam,  Agitato,  sehr langsam-mit äußerster Ruhe

Fragmente für Antigone“ 6 Stücke für Streichquartett ( 1988 )  I „…wenn uns nicht im Finstern hält die Zeit“, 

II „nicht kam ein Wort zu mir…“starr, senza espressione,     III „…marmornen Glanz…“ sehr zart,   

IV „…dieselben Stöße der Seele“ gravissimo,    V „O mir, grad vor dem Tode ist dies das Wort“   

VI „…und nicht wohin ich gehe“ lentissimo

Lettera amorosa (2007), für Streichquartett 2 Soprane, 2 Violinen Chant d’insomnie I,  lettera amorosa, 

Chant d’insomnie II,  Chanson,  Fuggite,amanti,amor,   Chant d’insomnie III,   Lied

(uraufgeführt vom Henschel Quartett – first performed by the Henschel Quartet)

Streichquartett Nr.4 ( 2009 ) Molto moderato,   moltissimo vivace (Erste fremde Szene),  lento,rubato, 

andante,leggiero,sempre un poco staccato (Zweite fremde Szene)

dem Henschel-Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel-Quartet)


Robert Saxton (*1953 )

Fantazia für Streichquartett ( 1993 )


Mark Wingate (*1954 )

Streichquartett Nr.2 “The Landerian” ( 1994 )


Ulrich Schultheiss (*1956 )

Streichquartett Nr.2 ( 1984 )

Streichquartett Nr.3 ( 1996 ) Tessuti, Connections, jazzy

dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartett)

Klavierquartett Nr.1 ( 1989/90 )Presto possibile,Largo (à Alban Berg),Scherzino

dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartet)


 Michail Goleminov (*1956 )

Streichquartett ( 1991 ) – uraufgeführt vom Henschel Quartett (first performed by the Henschel Quartet)


Thomas Rebensburg (*1958 )

“Essentials” für Streichquartett ( 1998 ) “Love”-Moderato,  “Anxiety”-Lento espressivo,  “Hope”-Vivo

dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartet)


Lance Hulme (*1960 )

“Veronica’s Veil” für Streichquartett


Karol Grudzien (*1961 )

Streichoktett ( 2001 ) uraufgeführt vom Henschel Quartett (first performed by the Henschel Quartet)


Chris Theofanidis (*1967 )

“Ariel Ascending” (  1995 ) Gliding effortessly,   Fleeting;delicate,   Exuberant;brilliant

uraufgeführt vom Henschel Quartett (first performed by the Henschel Quartet)


Jesper Koch (*1967 )

Rememberance“ für Streichquartett ( 1998 – 1999 , Überarbeitung 2004 ) I. Lullaby-Allegro feroce,

 II. Intermezzo-Tempo di valse,  III. Lamento-Adagio mesto (…but all should know that I have not died   

 (F:G:Lorca),  IV. Primavera-Presto capriccioso (kaleidoscope)

Streichquartett (2007 -08) Eintritt-Allegro energico,  Schlaflied-Ruhige achtel,  Alp-träumerei,  Abschied-Adagio sostenuto

dem Henschel-Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel-Quartet)


Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen (*1969 )

Streichquartett Nr.3 ( 1997 ) dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartett)


Matthias Pintscher (*1971 )

Streichquartett Nr.4 „Ritratto di Gesualdo“ ( 1992 )


Heather Anne Schmidt (*1975 )

“Phantoms” ( 1995 )

Streichoktett ( 1997 ) Lento e mesto,  Allegro energico

dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartet)

Klavierquintett ( 2000 ) Allegro con fuoco,  Adagio,

dem Henschel Quartett gewidmet (dedicated to the Henschel Quartett)